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“Níl Aon Tinteán Mar Do Thinteán Féin”

    • Bike Repair Manual

      47.9% 5.515.99 5.99
      The most up-to-date bicycle maintenance guide on the market, covering all types of bike - road, racing, mountain, hybrid, BMX, and children's - this is the essential manual for beginners and experienced cyclists alike. Step-by-step sequences show how to carry out repairs, from vital servicing to improving your bikes performance - on and off road. Learn how to maintain every essential area, such as brakes, drivetrain, and steering, as well as complex components, including hub gears, hydraulic brakes, and suspension forks. Detailed chapters range from showing how to set up your bike correctly and safely, show the must-have kit for successful repairs, to troubleshooters to help keep your bike in top form. Featuring easy photographic tutorials and handy add-ons, such as a step locator and toolbox, Bike Repair Manual makes bike repair simple for every bike owner.   Paperback, 176 Pages  143 x 211 x 13mm RRP €11.50
    • Gorgeous Gardening Boosters

      65.2% 11.215.99 5.99
      This book will help you transform your garden into a stunning showcase, quickly and easily. You'll find tried and tested tips, handy hints and expert know-how that will ensure your plants perform at heir peak and help you bring out the true potential or your plot.
      • Discover the top 20 "superboosters" - the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to make a real difference to your garden
      • Find out which plants, tools and materials are "star performers" - the best of the best
      • Reinvigorate any part of your garden, even problem areas
      • Look at inspiring design ideas for boundaries, paths and stylish patios, and ways to improve your garden with water features and lighting
      Paperback, 288 Pages Dimensions: 213 x 275 x 20mm RRP €17.20
    • 1001 Plants You Must Grow Before You Die (x-Shop display)

      With so many plants in the world, this book helps you to navigate the myriad number of species and hybrids available and learn what to look for when choosing varieties. The plants in this book are featured for being particularly enjoyable or delightful - edible fruits, tender vegetables or fresh herbs, ornamental flowers, eye-catching foliage or plants with evocative scents. Others have a pleasing architectural shape, strange texture or other curious quality that make them worthy of note. The flowers, trees and herbs have been chosen by an expert team of garden writers and plant lovers, with the home gardener in mind and full-colour photographs, authoritative text, and at-a-glance growing information is provided for each selected plant. Expert contributors discuss plants from Europe, the USA and Australia, selecting plants based on authoritative plant awards, impartial trials and records, and feedback from gardeners. Paperback, 960 Pages Dimensions: 16.3 x 20.8 x 5.9cm
    • Our Recipe Journal

      58.9% 10.016.99 6.99
      A blank journal designed so that you can record all of your family's favourite recipes to create a unique heirloom to pass down from one generation of cooks to the next. Hardback Pages 224 Dimensions 230*160*30 RRP €17.00
    • How to be a Cyclist : An A-Z of Life on Two Wheels

      53.4% 8.006.99 6.99
      It's an essential manual and source of wisdom for those who would be kings of the road. Many pitfalls await the unwary middle-aged-man-in-Lycra, but fear not, for the Guide is here to steer you through choppy waters. No more passing out halfway up a hill. No more ridicule in the work place. No more hurty knee. And no more sock crimes. Pearls of wisdom are scattered throughout this book like rose petals before a princess on her wedding day. For instance, who could deny that life is too short to drink bad coffee? That a noisy bike is marginally more annoying than a whiney toddler? Or that style should ever be sacrificed for speed? Written by experts who know everything there is to know about cycling, yet never forget that there is nothing funnier than a rabbit playing a trumpet, How to be a Cyclist is mandatory reading for all bike riders. Hardback, 224 pages Dimensions: 177 x 215 x 20mm RRP €14.99
    • Scootermania

      53% 9.007.99 7.99
      From its origins on the Italian battlefields of the Second World War to movie roles as Audrey Hepburn's iconic transport in Roman Holiday and Sting's stylish companion in Quadrophenia and on through the current vintage revival, the classic Italian motor scooter is an enduring design classic from the twentieth century. Hardback  - 176 pages Dimensions - 198 x 203 x 20mm
      •  More than 100 photographs
    • The Thrifty Gardener

      57.9% 11.007.99 7.99
      Forget makeover culture and all your gardening preconceptions, this is a witty, wise and practical take on to how to create a garden that suits you. The Thrifty Gardener is about creating the garden of your dreams, regardless of resources or limited space. It will eliminate the intimidation factor and reveal the ins-and-outs of soil, seeds, sowing and growing. At the heart of this book is a DIY ethic that says you don't always have to buy what you need, you can make it, take it or swap it with friends. From making window boxes out of wine cases to creating your own stylish compost bin, from bulking up perennials to finding plants for free, this book is packed with offbeat projects for a new generation of gardeners. Paperback RRP €18.99  211 x 239 x 19mm 192 Pages  
    • Gardening Journal

      Use this Journal to write a brief description of your garden. Note down areas that you like and areas you think need improvement and the environment and feelings you want to create when you are walking through your garden. Hardback Ring-Bound 101 Pages Dimensions: 220 x 250 x 19mm  
    • The Tractor Factor

      With tractor historian Robert N. Pripps, take a close look at some of the most collectible vintage tractors from the United States, the UK, Germany, Holland, France, and other countries. Vintage farm tractors are revered throughout the world as the source of mechanical labor, allowing the revolution of farming to take place in the twentieth century. Some of the most interesting tractors are also the rarest, since they were produced in very small quantities. These include one-of-a-kind modified models; very, very old machines; and models produced by one of the many companies that made tractors for only a short time. Hardback, 160 Pages Dimensions: 21.6 x 27.9 x 1.9cm
    • The Tractor Book

      The complete history of farm machinery, from steam and vintage tractors to the latest combine harvesters is showcased in this lavishly illustrated volume. Packed with images and tractor data on more than 200 iconic machines, The Tractor Book explores the entire range of tractors and farming machines from around the world, such as Fordson Model F and Massey-Harris GP. Histories of famous marques, such as John Deere and Massey Ferguson, sit alongside immersive visual tours of celebrated machines. The Tractor Book covers how tractors work, their history, major marques and catalogues tractors from every era making this a must-have for anyone fascinated by these extraordinary machines. Flexiback, 256 pages Dimensions: 25.9 x 30.9 x 2.3cm

      54.6% 12.009.99 9.99
      The Car Book traces the rip roaring story of the automobile in stunning visual detail with more than 1200 cars, trail blazing engines, famous marques, and the men and machines behind the worlds best loved brands, this is the ultimate road trip through monitoring history. The perfect gift for car lovers of any age. Paperback, 360 Pages Dimensions: 22.7 x 27.5 x 2cm RRP €21.99
    • 5 in 1 Magic Holder

      Wall mounted 5 rack storage mop & broom organiser. Easy to install. Fixtures included. Dimensions 400*80*60 mm

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