“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them” Joseph Brodsky

    • Around the World in 101 Patterns

      43.5% 5.006.49 11.49 6.49
      From ornate Mehndi patterns painted on Indian women's feet to traditional sugar cane skulls to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead, the world is full of exotic and intricate patterns - when you look for them, they are everywhere. This book takes you on a trip through the continents, highlighting the beauty to be found along the way - on clothing, pottery, motifs and buildings - and the pages give you plenty of space to come up with your own designs as well. Historical facts are scattered throughout so you can learn a little as you colour; immerse yourself in a variety of fascinating cultures with a different pattern on each page. Each of the patterns can be pulled out for you to use as decorations, and you can be as creative as you like. Carefully chosen footnotes invite you to play with colour palettes, experiment with free-drawing and take patterns into new directions. This stunning and inventive adult art series has been designed to fire up your creativity. Come and play!
      • Paperback
      • Pages:128
      • 212 x 279 x 11mm
        RRP €11.49
    • 1916 – One Hundred Years of Irish Independence

      63.2% 12.006.99 18.99 6.99
      There’s before 1916 and then there’s after. Between them lies the Easter Rising, when Irish republicans took up arms against British rule and changed the course of their country’s history forever. For though the resistance failed, it failed gloriously; the rebels were no longer a group of cranks and troublemakers in the public eye, but martyrs and national heroes, their example set the way for others and their mission lived on through the century to come. But what sort of country did the Rising create? And how does post-1916 Ireland compare with the aspirations of the rebellion’s leaders, the hopes of Thomas MacDonagh and John MacBride, of James Connolly and Patrick Pearse? One hundred years later, Tim Pat Coogan offers a personal perspective on the Irish experience that followed the Rising. He charts a flawed history that is marked as much by complacency, corruption, and institutional abuse as it is by the building of a nation and the sacrifices of the Republic’s founding fathers. Hardback Pages: 329 250mm x 160mm x 30mm RRP €18.99
    • The GAA Immortals

      53.3% 5.704.99 10.69 4.99
      The lore and legend of Gaelic Games has been shaped by great players. Since the Games began, special players have had a unique power to make the heart skip a beat. Now THE GAA IMMORTALS celebrates the achievements of 100 of the very best footballers, hurlers, managers, ladies footballers and camogie players from the start of the twentieth century to the present day. Based around exclusive interviews with a who's who of Gaelic Games, THE GAA IMMORTALS covers all the codes, giving a unique insight into icons of the games, including Dick Fitzgerald, Mick Mackey, Christy Ring, Jack Lynch, Nicky Rackard, Mick O'Connell, Sean O'Neill, Eddie Keher, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Angela Downey, Lulu Carroll, Nicky English, DJ Carey, Peter Canavan, Henry Shefflin, Gooch Cooper and Joe Canning. With stars from all 32 counties represented, THE GAA IMMORTALS is a fascinating account of the greatest heroes and legends of the games.
      • Paperback
      • 384 pages
      • 129 x 198 x 40mm
      RRP 10.69
    • Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of our Changing Times (Ex shop display, cover slightly marked)

      In Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of our Changing Times, award-winning photographer James Fennell and bestselling author Turtle Bunbury once again journey the length and breadth of Ireland to bring us an extraordinary, powerful new collection of poignant interviews from ordinary men and women who share with us their memories, providing us with an invaluable link to the past.As stories are shared beside the warmth of a fire in farmhouses in Kerry and Clare; in the turf sheds of Limerick and Tipperary; over cups of tea and glasses of whiskey in the kitchens of Wexford, Sligo and Dublin; in the cobbled yards of Wicklow and Tipperary; in the shadow of the hills of Leitrim and Donegal; on the pavements of Dublin City; and against the sound of crashing waves on the coast of Galway, we meet the people who have lived through times of change as the past comes alive through their words. Blacksmiths, saddlers, harness makers and coal miners, mattress makers, factory workers, bonesetters and cattle drivers, all are gathered here as we are afforded a glimpse of the inimitable spirit of the people of this country. The world continues to change but, gathered within these pages, are stories and to be cherished, to keep the past alive long into the future.
      • Hardback
      • 192 pages
      •  236 x 289 x 22mm
    • The Totally Brilliant Amazing Mazes Book

      45.5% 5.005.99 10.99 5.99
      Age 8+ Years Crazy for mazes? This bumper book of puzzles will keep you busy for hours and test your skills of logic and perception along the way. Illustrated with cool cartoons throughout, it features a variety of different types of mazes to really keep you on your toes. sharpen those pencils and get ready for a challenge!
      • Paperback
      • 176 pages
      • 228 x 12 x 275mm
      RRP €10.99
    • Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds : A 50-Year Treasury of Art and Design

      67.6% 25.0011.99 36.99 11.99
      Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds explores how the art department works together with costumers and make-up and special effects artists to produce a coherent look for a diverse range of alien worlds; reveals how the artists' relationship with the computer graphics department allows them to create locations far grander than possible in the real world; and shows how today's creative artists have built upon the designs produced by their predecessors--the pioneers of the program's "classic" era whose legacy has delighted audiences since 1963. Divided thematically, Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds examines the history of the program and its art and set design, and highlights how various re-occurring designs have evolved over time. Chock full of surprising, illuminating, and fascinating information, photographs, and trivia, Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds is essential for every Whovian, whether you're an established fan or are new to the show. Hardback, 288 Pages  251 x 282 x 28mm RRP €36.99
    • Guitar for Beginners

      62.9% 11.016.49 17.50 6.49
      This is the essential guitar book for beginners. This book will help you to learn skills and techniques that will support your understanding and appreciation of the guitar, every step of the way. Include tips on choosing the ideal guitar and the right equipment. Easy to follow songs and strum patterns. Play along to a song in no time. Learn from the experts with biographies of famous and inspirational artists from Jimi Hendrix to Ed Sheeran, and suggested key tracks you should listen to. Includes pin-up cord chart. Paperback, 144 Pages Dimensions: 220 x 285 x 12mm RRP €17.50 NOTE: Ex-Shop Display; Book slightly marked due to shelf wear  
    • Nick Hornby Collection

      69.4% 43.0118.99 62.00 18.99
      Arguably Britain's most insightful and observant writer of contemporary fiction working today, Nick Hornby is responsible for such classics as About a Boy, Fever Pitch and High Fidelity. Now his fans can enjoy all three, not to mention the equally excellent novels Slam, How to be Good and A Long Way Down. The perfect six book set for those who are new to the bitingly funny and decidedly moving style of Hornby, this collection could be recommended to Mum, Dad and teenagers alike, such is the writer's wonderfully accessible style. Titles included: High Fidelity How to be Good Slam Fever Pitch A Long Way Down About a Boy   Paperback Set Dimensions: 129 x 197 x 105mm RRP €62.00
    • Hombre

      50.1% 4.013.99 8.00 3.99
      John Russell has been raised as an Apache. Now he's on his way to live as a white man. But when the stagecoach passengers learn who he is, they want nothing to do with him. That is, until outlaws ride down on them and they must rely on Russell's guns and his ability to lead them out of the desert. He can't ride with them, but they must walk with him or die... Paperback, 168 Pages Dimensions: 110 x 176 x 12mm RRP €8.00
    • The Pianist

      50.1% 4.013.99 8.00 3.99
      On September 23, 1939, Wladyslaw Szpilman played Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp minor live on the radio as shells exploded outside--so loudly that he couldn't hear his piano. It was the last live music broadcast from Warsaw: That day, a German bomb hit the station, and Polish Radio went off the air. Though he lost his entire family, Szpilman survived in hiding. In the end, his life was saved by a German officer who heard him play the same Chopin nocturne on a piano found among the rubble. Written in the immediate aftermath of the war, The Pianist conveys a shattering immediacy found in few books about that time and stands as a stunning testament to human endurance and healing through compassion. Paperback, 222 Pages Dimensions: 110 x 176 x 15mm RRP €8.00
    • The Bourne Identity

      50.1% 4.013.99 8.00 3.99
      He was dragged from the sea, his body riddled with bullets. There are a few clues: a frame of microfilm surgically implanted beneath the skin of his hip; evidence that plastic surgery has altered his face; strange things he says in his delirium, which could be code words. And a number on the film negative that leads to a bank account in Zurich, four million dollars and a name for the amnesiac: Jason Bourne. Now he is running for his life. A man with an unknown past and an uncertain future, the target of assassins and at the heart of a deadly puzzle. He's fighting for survival and no one can help him - except the one woman who once wanted to escape him ... Paperback, 566 Pages Dimensions: 110 x 176 x 34mm RRP €8.00
    • The Postman Always Rings Twice

      50.1% 4.013.99 8.00 3.99
      'Nobody has ever quite pulled it off the way Cain does, not Hemingway, and not even Raymond Chandler' Tom Wolfe The torrid story of Frank Chambers, the amoral drifter, Cora, the sullen and brooding wife, and Nick Papadakis, the amiable but inconvenient husband, has become a classic of its kind, and established Cain as a major novelist with a spare and vital prose style and a bleak vision of America. Paperback, 116 Pages Dimensions: 110 x 176 x 9mm RRP €8.00

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