Children's Games & Puzzles

Children's Games & Puzzles
    • Water Flutes

      • Tub time is symphony time!
      • Help little ones discover musical notes and sounds while in the tub.
      • These five water flutes can be filled with varying amounts of water to create different tones.
      • Includes a foam holder so the flutes will float in the bath and also enable pan-pipe style playing
    • Bubble Shuttle (Ex display, Packaging slightly damaged)

      44.5% 4.004.99 8.99 4.99
      Age 5+ Outdoor Bubble Fun for kids of all ages. Contents
      • 1 x Bubble Shuttle
      • 1 x Launch Pad
      • 1 x Pipe
      • 1 x Tube
      • 1 x Stamper
      • 1 x Bubble Solution
      RRP €9.99
    • Light Up Bubble Whirlwind (Ex display, slight packaging damage)

      44.5% 4.004.99 8.99 4.99
      The Grafix Light-Up Bubble Whirlwind Playset is designed to help you create your very own bubble storms with ease. Featuring two 58ml bottles of solution, a handy dip-tray, and even a 5 looped bubble blower, this illuminating bubble wand is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Suitable for use both indoors and out, this lightweight and portable playset is guaranteed to impress.
      • Light-up bubble wand with 2 solution bottles
      • 2 assorted colour designs available
      • Age suitable from 5 years
      RRP 8.99
    • Giant Colouring Poster

      16.7% 1.004.99 5.99 4.99
      Age 5+ Hours and hours of fun for kids of all ages with this Giant Colouring Poster . 5 themes to to choose from(Subject to availability)...
      • Farm
      • At The Zoo
      • Space
      • In Town
      • Princess
      Dimensions: 680mm x 970mm (If a specific theme is not specified at the checkout, one will be chosen at random). RRP €5.99
    • Discover The Human Body – Educational Tin Set

      21.8% 2.508.99 11.49 8.99
      All you need to know about the human body. A fun and informative introduction to the workings of the body and explains everything from what goes on inside our bodies to what happens to the air we breathe. There are also wall charts to develop further understanding, stencils, colouring pencils and best of all a build-it-yourself skeleton!
      • Presented in solid tin box
      • Visual guide to human anatomy book
      • Build your own skeleton kit
      • Large colour wall poster
      RRP 11.49
    • Magic Rings (Set of 2)

      75.1% 5.991.99 7.98 1.99
      Special Offer 2 For €1.50 Interactive fun item for kids of all ages . RRP 7.98
    • Miri Moo White Sitting Bear

      A loveable friend forever called Tom!
      • Size. 40cm (Approx)
      • Fibre Content. 100% Polyester Fibres
    • Giant Bubble Kit (Ex-Display)

      Thanks to this clever  innovative wand, you will create giant bubbles and bubbles within the bubbles! A super extra large bubbles to entertain the little ones!
      A great gift idea for toddlers, kids, boys and girls from age 3 up to teenagers. Challenge them to make giant bubbles bigger than you! A great gift for a birthday or to take on holidays.
      Dimensions (Boxed): 245 x 290 x 45mm
      NOTE: Ex-Display; Package damaged
    • Money Bank – Camper Van (Ex-Display)

      55.6% 5.003.99 8.99 3.99
      Paint Your Own Money Box and bring this ceramic shape to life! Saving the pennies doesn’t have to be dull with a unique ceramic design and colorful paints to mix together! Get your little one’s thinking cap on and paint a fun design onto the camper van with the paintbrush included. This wonderful kit contains a ceramic shape, six paints and a paintbrush to get your kids painting – just don an apron and create a unique character that your kids can prop up in their rooms.
      • Size (Boxed): 16.5 x 13 x 10cm
      • Includes six paints and a paintbrush
      • Varnish it to make it long-lasting!
      • Fun kids' crafting activity for those half-term holidays!
      NOTE: Ex-Display; Package damaged
    • Kids Storage Boxes (Assorted)

      This fun Kids' storage box with printed planes/robots design over all of the visible sides of the box is an essential addition to any child's room.  It is light-weight so it is "finger safe."  The storage box is easy to put up -simply unfold the main part of the box and put the separate base section into the bottom of the box to reinforce the shape and bottom of the storage box.  You can easily remove the bottom and store it away flat. Size: 50cm x 30cm x 40cm Please specify which design you prefer - Planes OR Robots - or one will be chosen randomly
    • 6 Pull Back Trucks

      Tub with 6 Pull Back Trucks, ideal foe small hands! Dimensions: 600 x 60mm
    • Star Wars 7 Jumbo Sticker Gift Collection

      Gift Collection includes: 1 Sticker Pad 1 Colour Your Own Sticker Pad 1 Sticker Pod 1 Holographic Sticker Pod 40 Foam Stickers 20 Colour In Sheets 8 Felt Tip Pens 2 Activity Sheets 1 Ink Pad 4 Stampers 1 Colour in Box 5 Reusable Stickers   Dimensions: 513 x 440 x 34mm

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